January 25, 2017 "Ghost Town 6" another part of winter vlog is available online. This part is also in English. If video doesn't work on you smart phone, here is part 6 for smart phones, tablets etc

February 19, 2017 Check out "Ghost Town 7" This video is in English.

March 26, 2017 "Ghost Town 8" life hacks for Chernobyl visitors. It is in Russian with English subtitles.

May 8, 2017 "Ghost Town 9" more life hacks for Chernobyl visitors. It is in Russian again with English subtitles.

May 2017 Check out new photoreportage Dead Zone (Spring 2017)

NEWS: August 2017 New updates in my ongoing project Chernobyl Journals Volume 8

August 14, 2017 Check out "Ghost Town 10" This video is for English speaking visitors and here is version for Russian speaking visitors "Ghost Town 10"

September 22, 2017 Here is video called One Flue Over Rossokha "Ghost Town 11" It is in English again with English subtitles. Please disregard previous verson of this video which was deleted because we made grave mistake by taking one of farmer fields for graveyard. We just couldn't believe they would grow crops so close to Rossokha radioactive cemetery, where even today levels measured 2.000 times normal.

Photo by Elena Filatova


Filatova Elena Vladimirovna